My New Camera Bag in Retro Style

A retro canvas messenger bag that doubles up as a camera bag - whaaaat? Behold, my latest fashion accessory, that holds my new Fujifilm X100S, an EF-X20, a Gorilla Pod, my wireless triggers, with more than ample room left over for another 2 full-sized speedlights. Heck, I could even bungie cord strap a light stand around it coupled with a set of smaller 40" umbrellas, and it'd still look cool.

I ordered this shoulder messenger bag from Serbags , who are based in the US. $69 and a week and a half later, it arrived at my doorstep via USPS (Priority International) in Sydney, Australia.  



Now, I've had to perform a tweak to this bag as it isn't actually supposed to protect gear the way other camera bags are supposed to. So as you can see in the second photo I took above, I had outfitted the bag with the inserts from my other Lowepro bag to cushion things up a little and to give my camera gear that little bit of extra protection. 

The bag itself comes with ample pockets: 1 small pocket on each flank, 2 square ones up the front, and one zipped pocket on the inlay. The main compartment area features a super-durable zipper to keep everything secure during travel. 


This whole bag just says retro-military all over it and I just love how it looks and feels. The shoulder strap pad is wide and comfortable and the rugged canvas material that the bag's made out of can take a real beatin' - and I am confident of that, as long as I keep it out of the rain. 

The selling point for me with this bag is that it doesn't look at all like a camera bag, and I think more and more photographers these days are starting to look towards ways of looking less like a poser with gear bags that feature the obvious camera accessory label on them.  Camouflage is the new cool.